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A computer crash caused us to temporarily lose all emails/inquiries before June 20, 2015. We will recover those contact attempts in the near future, but for right now, they are not accessible. If you contacted us and have not heard back, please accept our apologies and contact us again at info@grullablue.com .

We are currently attempting to reply to those that contacted us between June 20 and July 7, 2015.


Spin Whiz Me, homozygous grullo reining stallion

2009 Silvery Grullo
~19% Hollywood Jac 86. ~19% Topsail Cody
~12.5% Hollywood Dunit. ~12.5% Topsail Whiz.
Homozygous for Dun Factor, PLUS is a Cream Gene Carrier!
Negative for HERDA, GBED, PSSM1, HYPP and MH.

Hesa Champagne Whiz

2011 Sable Champagne
Berry Sweet Whizard x Shesa Champagne Cody
Negative for HERDA, GBED, PSSM1, MH, HYPP.
EVA tested Negative and annually vaccinated.


2014 Breedings booked January 1, 2014 and after: 
$700 (including $100 booking fee)

Shipping: $250

Currently Standing at Heath Jones Performance Horses


Reference Stallions

These former stallions have links from their web pages to offspring they sired while with us. Some of those offspring are for sale, and may include contacts to their owners. Click a photo below to view one of our Reference Stallions' web pages, or click the Offspring link below the photos (to go directly to the listing of foals, their photos, and owners at time of foaling).

Berry Sweet Whizard

2003 Grullo
AQHA Superior/ROM Reining


Rawhide Whiz

2004 Grullo Reining-bred stallion

Mainly Merlin

2003 grullo

Crowheart WYO Boy

2004 Grullo Roan

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