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Spin Whiz Me

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Super Performance Pedigree
Homozygous for Dun Factor
Cream Gene Carrier

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Abbreviated Pedigree

Grullo (grulla) reining quarter horse
Rawhide Whiz

2004 Grullo Reining-bred stallion
Full brother to World Show qualifiers.
Died of colic-related incident while in training
Dunit Rawhide  NRHA Earnings: $74,397; World Show Qualifier, 1995 NRHA Futurity Limited Open Champion. 1996 NRHA Superstakes Open Champion.  NRHA All-Time Leading Money Earner. Multiple Futurity Champion Sire. Sire of World Champion(s) in AQHA. NRHA Limited Non-Pro Futurity Champion. Sire of earners of 2035 AQHA Points and $270,000 (by early 2007). Hollywood Dun It Hall of Fame, NRHA money-earner, NRHA All Time Leading Sire. NRHA Earnings: $65,809;. Sire of earners of over $5,000,000 (2007). World Champion Offspring. Reserve World Champion Offspring. NRHA Futurity Champion Offspring. #2 All Time Leading Reining Sire
Ima Spanish Skip P- 92.0 Top Ten World Show, ROM Performance, Top Ten World Show Offspring.  AQHA Offspring  Points Earned: 106;  NRHA Offspr LTE: $113,419.  Top 100 NRHA Producing Mares
Impunity Jane red dun P- 61.0 $11,184 NRHA earnings.  AQHA Congress winner 3 years in a row (reining). AQHA Open ROM, Youth ROM, Amateur ROM (reining). AQHA Amateur and Open Reining World Show Qualifier (3-time qualifier for World Show). Dam of NRHA Money Earners, AQHA Point Earners, ROM Earners, World Show Qualifiers Topsail Whiz P- 11.0 Hall of Fame, '03 NRHA. World Show Qualifier, '92 O Sr RN. AQHA Leading Sire, NRHA Earnings: $49,866;. World Champion Offspring. NRHA Futurity Champion Offspring.   #1 All Time Leading Reining Sire
Miz Gold Pine  NRHA money-earner:  World Champion Offspring,  Offspr Total Points Earned: 262;   NRHA Offspr LTE: $69,207.

Sooty Cowboy

3955375 2000 grullo mare
Master Cowboy Jac 1987 2613345 dunalino NRHA Futurity Champion Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring, NRHA Money-earners, Halter Point Earners. Full brother in blood to Boggies Flashy Jac, Leading NRHA Sire from 1995 to 2000. Hollywood Jac 86 1967 0592185 dunalino P- 80.0 Hall of Fame, '93 NRHA Inductee. World Champion, 1974-75 NRHA Non Pro title. Top Ten World Show. Offspring Record. Hall of Fame Offspring, NRHA. World Champion Offspring, NRHA. Reserve World Champion Offspring, #6 All Time Leading Reining Sire.  #1 Equi-Stat Paternal Grandsire of reining horses. #17 Paternal Grandsire of Reined Cow Horses (2004).
Double Bee Miss 1968 grullo P- 1.0 Full sister to Boggies Last (6 Bronzes, NP World Champion). Performance Point Earner. Dam of NRHA Money-earners, Performance Point Earners
Katys Top Star 1986 P- 0.5 NRHA earnings of almost $7000.00 (6965.32). full sister to Katys Brown Sugar ($9657 earnings, 6th in NRHA Open Futurity). 9th in the 1990 NP Derby. 4th in the 1990 NP Superstakes and 6th in the 1990 Lazy E NP classic. She was also the 1990 Packers City Novice NP CHAMPION and the 1991 Minn State Fair NP CHAMPION. Topsail Cody P- 24.0 Hall of Fame World Champion, ROM Performance, NRHA money-earner. World Champion Offspring,  NRHA Money-earners, NCHA Money-earners, Working Cow Horse Money-earners
Kathleens Boss 1979 bay  P- 13.0 Top 5 NRHA Futurity. Performance point earner. Dam of point earner(s).

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