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Yahootin At Me

I really underestimated this colt!  He is filling out like crazy and by far has outdone what I would have expected when he was first born.  I knew he'd be a neat package, but he has REALLY become a great prospect!

Grullo roan sire, grulla-with-creme gene dam

Sire's Pedigree    Sire's Web Page     Dam's Pedigree   Dam's Web Page     Color Pedigree

A nice colt with brilliant color!  When I look at him, my thoughts go to the Oren Mixer painting of the idea quarter horse....but put a blue color on that painting and imagine what it would look like!

This is one nice colt.  He has a long hipline, sloping croup, little ears, and a nice head.  This cross has proved to be a winning one.


If I was just starting out breeding for nice Quarter Horses with the grullo or blue roan color, this is a colt that I'd have been looking for.  He's built right, priced right, and colored right.  I'd have bred with him a few years and saved back all the colored fillies I wanted, and then gone from there using the money from selling all his foals to pay for better mares in my broodmare band.  Then I'd have bought a high-dollar second or replacement stallion to breed to this colt's daughters I'd saved back.


Born 4/22/2003


Sire:  Blue Yahooty Hancock, grullo roan


Dam:  Brooks N Beau Bailey, grullo with proven creme gene


This colt has an eye color that leads me to believe that he carries the creme gene, too.


Dam has a good head with small ears


Colt moves nicely with a pretty flat knee and low head set naturally


Could be homozygous for the dun factor gene.  Click here to see the statistics on this.


Could be homozygous for black.  Click here to see the statistics on this.


Could carry the roan gene (we'll know around mid-June)


No white


Sire goes back to these horses multiple times: King P-234, Peter McCue, Leo, Joe Reed, Blackburn,  Zantanon, plus goes back to Blue Valentine, Joe Hancock, Music Mount, Oklahoma Star, Plaudit, and  Bartender


He may be purchased with his dam as a package...see www.grullablue.com/sale.htm for details


SOLD!  Congratulations to Ferry in Holland (The Netherlands) on his purchase of Brooks and her colt!

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Sire's Pedigree     Dam's Pedigree    Color Pedigree

Sire's pedigree
Blue Yahooty Hancock
Grullo Roan (Blue Roan and Grullo both!)
Siring over 90% color


Red Man 1935  roan  H- 0.0  P- 2.0
NCHA money-earner, ROM Performance, '43 Race; '52 ROM
NCHA Get Money-earners, Race Get Money-earners, ROM Performance Sire, Race ROM Sire, Halter Point Earner Sire, Hall of Fame Sire, NCHA

Joe Hancock 1923 brown
Hall of Fame, '92 AQHA Inductee
Race Get Money-earners, ROM Performance Sire, Race ROM Sire, Performance Point Earner Sire, Photo of Joe Hancock, another photo Link to info about Joe Hancock, More Info      


Blue Valentine 1956
  blue roan   H- 0.0  P- 1.0
Race Get Money-earners
Performance Point Earner Sire 

Burnett Roan Mare


Beauty's Dream 1938
black 65 4 0 0 1 $ 0     

Valentine 1927

Blues Kingfisher 1977
blue roan
Bred by Hyde Merritt, WY
Sire of 70% colored foals


Holcak's Beauty 1933


Reedart 1959

Robin Reed  1949 by Leo
 sorrel 100 42 12 9 4 $ 11,226 AQHA Champion Sire, Race ROM Sire, '53 Superior RC Horse, Halter Point Earner Sire    


Missus Robin 1966

Artemis 1949
sorrel 85 7 1 0 0 $ 511     


Machero 1961

Begger's Bar 1956



Sweetwater 1952


Music Mount 1944
dun   P- 7.0 (cutting)
Grand Champion in every halter class he ever entered.  Superior Halter Sire, Superior Performance Sire, AQHA Champion Sire, Race Get Money-earners, ROM Performance Sire, Race ROM Sire, Pedigree, Foals' Achievements

Gold Mount 1940 dun
World Champion Sire, Race
AQHA Champion Sire, Race Get Money-earners, ROM Performance Sire, Race ROM Sire, Performance Point Earner Sire, Halter Point Earner Sire 


White Mount 1959
dun H- 16.0

Pansy 1935


Smoky White 1955
       0064635 dun      

Red Mickey 1946

Dam's pedigree
Cutter Jackie 1982
100% color producer of 12 foals      


Helen White 1947 chestnut
       Granddaughter of Peter McCue


Here's How 1958
bay    H- 0.0  P- 11.0

Bartender 1940 sorrel
Performance Point Earner Sire, Halter Point Earner Sire 


Jug's Babe 1971 bay
18.75% King P-234, but 43.5% King bloodlines

Strole's Mist 1955 bay
       Granddaughter of King P-234


Jug's Mary Joe 1958
bay (
75% King P234 bloodlines)

Black Jug 1947 black
Own son of  King, AQHA Hall of Fame      



Babe Cheshewalla 1939 brown
       Full Sister to King P-234


Brooks N Beau Bailey 
AQHA 3699321 
1995 grullo mare
Also carries the creme gene
Probably homozygous for black (never had a red-legged foal)

Sputnik's Playboy 1970
       0717558 black      
Sputnik I 1957
       0073614 black      
Sputniks Caballero 1982
       1845690 buckskin      
Windy Spring 1962
       0232749 bay      
Patsy Caballero 1970
       0706241 buckskin      
Roy's Caballero 1963
       0280690 sorrel
     H- 38.0  P- 2.0
Sputniks Tacky Beau 1987  ROM Halter, '93 Honor Roll Stallion, IBHA or ABRA   dunskin     Poco Dun's Patsy 1965
       0414253 buckskin      
Beau Bar Mujer 1975
       1093712 dun
     H- 15.0  P- 19.0
Beau Bonanza 1969
       0618947 sorrel
     H- 216.0  P- 46.0
Beaus Tidy Tacky 1982
       1845682 buckskin      
Barita Bar Mujer 1966
       0437233 dun
     H- 4.0  P- 0.0
Tidy Tacky 1970
       0706267 buckskin      
Tidy Cat 1963
       0353451 sorrel      
Roth's Tacky 1956
       0082975 dun      
Skippers Tuffy 1975
       1089247 palomino
     H- 2.0  P- 211.0
Skipper's Lad 1952
       0036881 sorrel
65 1 0 0 0 $ 0    H- 23.0  P- 0.0
Taters Tuffy 1979
       1562728 palomino      
Golden Vanetta 1966
       0426111 palomino     
Miss Tater One 1967
       0495642 sorrel      
Super One 1961
       0173400 sorrel      
Tuffys Buckanna 1991
       2997443 buckskin      
Tater's Miss 1960
       0147856 brown      
Skip's Brick 1968
       0532158 sorrel
     H- 21.0  P- 117.0
Superior Performance, '71 O WP, AQHA Champion, '74 O, ROM Performance, '70 O, Performance Point Earner, Halter Point Earner, Superior Halter Sire, Superior Performance Sire, AQHA Champion Sire
Skip Beware 1963
       0287750 sorrel
     H- 29.0  P- 1.0
Angie Baby Brick 1976
       1265662 bay      
Mary's Polly 1962
       0195612 sorrel      
Buckanna Jo 4 1962
       0409520 brown      
Buck Hancock 1941
       0001479 black      
Hanna Jo 1950
       0035226 black
     H- 31.0  P- 0.0

Color Pedigree

Grullo Blue Roan
Blue Yahooty Hancock
Blue Roan
Blues Kingfisher
Blue Roan
Blue Valentine
Missus Robin
Cutter Jackie
White Mount
Jugs Babe
Brooks N Beau Bailey

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