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TS Lil Peppys Star

Son of NRHA Derby Champion, Little Peppys Sugar Bar.
Grandson of Peppy San Badger.


This is a SWEET-dispositioned colt that has a tremendous hip, long neck, and that great grullo color. 


NO white at all on this colt that I've seen!


Son of 1995 NRHA Open Derby Champion, Lil Peppys Sugar Bar, who also won: Columbia Open and Non Pro, Gordyville Open and Ltd, Nixa Non Pro, Carolina Classic Open Ltd Open, 1998 Rocky Mountain Summer Slide Open.


Grandson of Peppy San Badger


This colt has bloodlines we'd like to see in our program, but we're offering him for sale because we hope to find something with a sire and dam who both performed or else something with color on both sides of his pedigree.  But, if he doesn't sell, we will work with him because his sire's success (and his grandsire's) are worth an investment.  AND, we like his hip.  Wow!


Sire:  Lil Peppys Sugar Bar

1995 NRHA Derby Champion
NRHA earnings $7,712

1991 own son of Peppy San Badger
NCHA Hall of Fame

SIRE side of pedigree   Leo San 1949
       0020113 sorrel
P- 1.0
Leo 1940
       0001335 sorrel
75 0 0 0 0 $ 0     
  Mr San Peppy 1968
       0548845 sorrel
P- 161.0
San Sue Darks 1945
       0014898 sorrel       
  Peppy Belle 1955
       0054365 sorrel       
Pep Up 1941
       0002100 sorrel       
Peppy San Badger 1974
       1089924 sorrel
     H- 0.0  P- 41.0
NCHA earnings $172,711.  1st place 1981 NCHA finals. 1st place NCHA Cutting Derby.  1st place NCHA Cutting Horse Futurity. Producer of 6131 AQHA pts, 173 ROMs, 8 World Championships, 13 Reserve WC's.
NCHA Hall of Fame, $21,000,000 NCHA earnings, $400,000 NRHA, and $110,000 NRCHA.
  Belle Burnett 1949
       0043207 palomino       
  Grey Badger III 1947
       0020285 gray
75 4 0 1 1 $ 0     
Grey Badger II 1941
       0002006 gray
85 2 2 0 0 $ 0     
  Sugar Badger 1959
       0183512 sorrel
Mary Greenock (TB) 1937
      T0060364 chestnut       
  Sugar Townley 1943
       0180712 sorrel       
Lucky Jim 1939
       0001719 bay       
    R J Clark Mare
      U0078373 n/a       

DAM side of pedigree   Dee Gee's King 1958
       0115690 bay
     H- 0.0  P- 20.0
King 1932
       0000234 bay       
  Rube Williams 1961
       0222324 sorrel
     H- 2.0  P- 0.0
Dee Gee 1945
       0013181 bay
     H- 164.0  P- 62.0
  Eddie's Bill 1947
       0151821 brown       
Eddie 1940
       0010331 chestnut       
Sugar's Lady Bar 1974 1049974 sorrel          Bellbyjohntreadwell
      U0147067 n/a       
  Sugar Bars 1951
       0042606 sorrel
95 30 7 4 7 $ 3,166    H- 2.0  P- 0.0
Three Bars (TB) 1940
      T0065983 chestnut       
  Sugar C Lady 1966
       0433024 sorrel       
Frontera Sugar 1943
       0005731 palomino       
  Lady Raw Hide 1951
       0117472 chestnut       
Dodger Crocker 1946
       0015905 sorrel       
    Raw Hide 1946
       0014325 sorrel       


Dam:  Snip Star Jack

1990 dun mare

SIRE side of pedigree   Cody's Spark 1959
       0116977 sorrel
     H- 2.0  P- 0.0
Babe Cody 1954
       0061928 chestnut
     H- 19.0  P- 7.0
  Cody Bar Scooter 1977
       1314446 red dun
Sorrel Spark 1954
       0068506 sorrel       
  Dusty Bar Beauty 1972
       0850618 palomino
Go Dusty Go 1961
       0275659 roan
75 18 0 4 0 $ 199     
Cody Bar Jack 1980
       1652850 grullo       
  Dial Bar Beauty 1969
       0657886 palomino     
  Dunlop's Folly 1968
       0550791 black
Jay's Poco Pine 1963
       0339167 sorrel       
  Sugar Sue Folly 1975
       1096847 bay  
Hill's Folly 1963
       0251219 buckskin       
  Sugar Bar Haven 1965
       0396742 chestnut
Star Haven 1958
       0101116 chestnut
     H- 5.0  P- 0.0
    Sugar Booger Bar 1961
       0262450 sorrel       

DAM side of pedigree   Snipper B Reed 1974
       1056256 red dun   
Snipper Reed 1956
       0057099 dun
     H- 26.0  P- 40.5
  Snip Gold Reed 1978
       1424310 red dun
Buckie Kay 1958
       0090165 sorrel       
  Tiara Mount 1964
       0355007 dun
Music Mount 1944
       0005229 dun
P- 7.0 (Cutting points)
Snip Gold Star 1984
       2279231 red roan       
  Sage Cream 1959
       0119645 palomino
     H- 2.0  P- 0.0
  Flying K Farmer 1968
       0548565 chestnut
     H- 18.0  P- 0.0
Flying Farmer 1947
       0016951 sorrel
     H- 5.0  P- 2.0
  Lovin Spoonful 1975
       1096863 red roan       
Hill Billy Fay 1959
       0120140 bay       
  Bonita Hancock 1965
       0374659 roan       
Bob Barnes 1958
       0087912 bay       
    Roanie Allan 1950
       0108112 roan

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