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Sally O Cash

Sally is a black mare who we bought to match with our late stallion, Blue Yahooty Hancock.  She has correct legs, a strong back, good head and neck, long hip, and has the right thickness to go along with her size.  We looked a LONG time for a nice black mare, and had spotty luck.  There are many black mares out there with a little eye appeal, but most have some problems in the leg or head department.  We felt pretty lucky when we found this nice mare! 


Sally has 619.5 AQHA points on her 4-generation pedigree.  One step off her papers is Quo Vadis, who is a mare that has been inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame and whose 12 foals earned 637 AQHA points.  That's an impressive record for a mare! Also one step off her papers are Skipper's King, Poco Dell, and Skip's Bartender.

Sally's top side shows several crosses to Wiescamp horses.  We'll do research on her pedigree and will post it on her web page as we can, as some of the horses on her pedigree that don't have AQHA records of winnings have sired successful show horses. 


Sally O Cash

3064308 1991 black mare

SIRE side of pedigree Tender Six 1974
       1047783 sorrel
     H- 7.0  P- 9.0
Skip's Bartender 1968
       0595498 sorrel
     H- 26.0  P- 0.0
Tender Spot O Cash 1982
       1900573 sorrel
     H- 1.0  P- 0.0
Six Bars 1960
       0183049 roan
Bar Mount x Skip Bird      
Li'L April Cash 1968
       0625429 sorrel       
Spot Cash 1950
       0030591 sorrel       
Tender Skip O Cash 1986
       2451876 sorrel       
Miss Goodnight 1954
       0047571 black       
Skip Shi 1960
       0141482 sorrel  
Sire of over 3700 AQHA points earned!
Skipper's King 1954
       0048217 sorrel
     H- 18.0  P- 4.0
Top 10 World show sire, AQHA Champion Sire, and more!
Skip Shi Ann 1973
       0956457 chestnut       
Shirley Nick 1951
       0035839 palomino
     H- 10.0  P- 0.0
How's Waukette 1963
       0294974 sorrel       
Waukeshaw 1951
       0030972 bay
     H- 4.0  P- 0.0
Sally How 1956
       0080520 sorrel       

DAM side of pedigree Diamond Charge 1958
       0156879 brown 53 Performance Points
100 41 13 9 3 $ 22,436
Sire of Diamond Duro     
HY Diamond (TB) 1946
      T0058136 chestnut       
Diamon Dell 1970
       0679728 black
     H- 20.0  P- 69.0
Lovely Lupita 1949
       0035402 brown by Depth Charge
85 9 1 3 0 $ 321     
Madonna Dell 1960
       0142116 black
     H- 202.0  P- 7.5
Poco Dell 1950
       0033075 bay
     H- 35.0  P- 15.0
AQHA Champion, sire of AQHA Champs and Superiors
Dainty Mary McCue 1979
       1487847 black       
Quo Vadis 1952
       0045186 black
     H- 40.0  P- 29.0
Superior Halter Offspring, AQHA Champion Offspring, NRHA Money-earners, NCHA Money-earners, ROM Performance Offspring
Sundance Mac 1962
       0227482 black
     H- 33.0  P- 37.0
Bouncy Mac 1958
       0089120 sorrel  
Sire of 5 AQHA Champions and almost 1400 AQHA points     
Annie O'Mac 1973
       0946932 sorrel
Polly Rue 1954
       0073242 bay by Triangle Hancock      
Bonnie O'Leary 1965
       0393966 black       
Cody Bar 1953
       0051153 dun       
Annie O'Leary 1949
       0035014 roan     

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