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CR Blue Hancock


Blue roan, with black head
At least 16 crosses to Joe Hancock, AQHA Hall of Fame!

If you are looking for a stallion prospect, you will find a lot of good colts on the market that might work for you.  But, they may or may not make money for you.  This colt has the breeding, conformation, eye appeal, AND the color that will make money for you. 

Ok, I've been searching around on the 'net to try to help me price this colt, and have totally struck out. There is not a single colt/foal/yearling advertised on the three major horse classifieds sites that even compares to him in conformation and eye appeal, much less pedigree and color-producing potential. I'm thinking I'm going to be an IDIOT for selling him if I do sell! The four things about this colt that make him valuable to me are his working pedigree, potential for success in AQHA showing in the working events, his excellent eye appeal, and his potential for producing high percentages of color.

There were a couple of young stallions/colts on the 'net that have recently sold for 7 to 10,000 dollars that I thought were "decent," but not necessarily as good as or any better than this colt and definitely not as strong in their pedigrees...and certainly not in their color-producing potential.


bulletBlue roan (black head...he is not a bay roan, but will be a blue roan).  Note:  Bay-headed roans are not blue roans.  Only black-headed roans are true blue roans.  AQHA has a specific color called "bay roan" for bay-headed roans, and they are genetically not the same as true blue roans.  This colt appears to be a true blue roan, which is genetically a black horse with the roan allele.  For more info about blue roans, click here.
bullet16 or more crosses to Joe Hancock
bulletBlue roan colt with two blue roan parents.
bulletHe could be homozygous for black. Click here to see the statistics on this.
bulletHe could be homozygous for roan (there currently is no test for this, but the theory of of this not being genetically possible has been disproven by several breeders and by Ann Bowling of the University of California at Davis), and if he happens to be homozygous for roan, he would be a 100% roan producer. Click here to see the statistics on this.
bulletPrevious owner had his dam for over 6 years and said he'd never had to trim her hooves in that time.  As a former farrier, this is EXACTLY what I'm looking for, as her feet look perfectly maintained, and she's done it all herself for 6 years!  I believe in the power of genetics...
bulletHis only white is a rear pastern/fetlock and a star.
bulletLittle foxy ears and wide between the eyes.
bulletAQHA registered as CR Blue Hancock
bulletAt least 16 crosses to Joe Hancock, 5 crosses to Eddie, 4 crosses to Blue Valentine, 9 crosses to Three Bars, 2 to Grey Badger II, 4 to Leo, 6 to Joe Reed, 7 to Peter McCue, 3 to Skipper W, 2 to Sugar Bars, and more.  Research courtesy of dmtc.com.
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In the pedigree below, please note that these bloodlines primarily have earned accomplishments outside of AQHA shows (and so don't register many points earned).  These horses have won in cutting associations, rodeo, team roping associations, and on the ranch.  While you might not find many AQHA points here, you WILL find excellent working, roping, cutting, and team penning horses!

Blue Buster Hancock
 1999 blue roan
    Mr Roan Hancock 1980
       1673658 blue roan       
Salty Roan 1960
       0150976 roan
     H- 0.0  P- 1.0
  Nld Eddie Hancock 1989
       2873790 blue roan       
Gila Jo Hancock 1965
       0383873 brown       
  Baby Starbine 1980
       1631844 palomino       
Happy Hancock 13 1973
       0961400 gray       
Dry Fork Badger 1996
       3462367 blue roan       
  Edgy Edna 1976
       1198040 bay       
  Tee Jay Badger 1975
       1082959 gray
     H- 6.0  P- 7.0
Jackie Bee 1962
       0205387 gray       
  Tee J Badger Fantasy 1988
       2687980 sorrel       
Badger Gal 50 1954
       0046828 sorrel       
  Oasis Red 1982
       1944636 chestnut       
Gold Fingers 1972
       0900996 gray
     H- 17.0  P- 67.0
    Deluxe Editon 1977
       1297308 chestnut       
    Andys Carioca 1975
       1155346 chestnut
     H- 0.0  P- 8.0
Doc's Andy Bar 1966
       0422647 chestnut
     H- 12.0  P- 1.0
  Mira Doc Hancock 1985
       2360286 sorrel
NCHA Certificate of Ability #11739
Sparky Carioca 1965
       0381011 sorrel       
  Mira Miss Hancock 1974
       1048249 sorrel       
Chuck Hancock 1955
       0051392 bay       
Powder Blu Valentine 1995
       3401009 bay       
  Miss Power Deck 1958
       0098061 sorrel
     H- 2.0  P- 10.0
  Rowdy Blue Man 1977
       1313018 blue roan       
Blue Valentine 1956
       0097116 roan
     H- 0.0  P- 1.0
  Misty Bridget 1981
       1779219 blue roan       
Hydel Girl 44 1969
       0685856 palomino       
  Doll 01 1970
       0717186 sorrel       
Rip Rip 1961
       0157299 sorrel
65 1 0 1 0 $ 100     
    Zaid a Reed 1964
       0407529 sorrel       

Midnight Blue Foxy
 1994 blue roan
  Salty Roan 1960
       0150976 roan
     H- 0.0  P- 1.0
Blue Valentine 1956
       0097116 roan grandson of Joe Hancock
     H- 0.0  P- 1.0
Sire of Race and Performance point earners
Mr Roan Hancock 1980
       1673658 blue roan      
Glassy 1947
       0021974 sorrel      
Gila Jo Hancock 1965
       0383873 brown      
Baldy Joe 1941
       0012658 brown by Joe Hancock   
Nld Eddie Hancock 1989
       2873790 blue roan
15.3 hh, 1370 lbs      
Gila Girl 3 1962
       0254280 sorrel
     H- 0.0  P- 1.5
Happy Hancock 13 1973
       0961400 gray      
Happy Hancock 1956
       0097947 roan by Pepper Hancock
      Sire of NCHA Money-earners and AQHA Performance Point Earners
Baby Starbine 1980
       1631844 palomino      
Eddie's Honey 1954
       0071553 dun by Eddie  
Edgy Edna 1976
       1198040 bay      
Eddie 40 1958
       0103667 sorrel by Eddie 
Pojon 66 Hancock 1961
       0533493 bay by Buck Hancock     
  Two Eyed Fox 1969
       0703093 chestnut
     H- 53.0  P- 47.0
Superior Halter, AQHA Champion, Perf ROM. Sire of 6 AQHA Champions, 2 Sup. Halter Awards, 4 Open Halter ROM, 6 Sup. Performance, 1 Res world Champion, 2 Res Youth World Champions, 4 Amt Halter ROM, 
9 Amt Perf ROM, 3 Amt AQHA Champions, 1 Amt Supreme, 1 youth Supreme, 1 Amt Sup. Halter, 6 Amt Sup Performance, 2 youth Supreme Perf, 1 youth Sup. Halter, 16 Youth ROM, 4 Youth AQHA Champions.
Two Eyed Jack 1961
       0178246 sorrel
     H- 217.0  P- 65.5
Stallion Show Record, Superior Halter, '64 O
AQHA Champion, '64 O, ROM Performance, '64 O
Performance Point Earner, Halter Point Earner
Hall of Fame, '96 AQHA Inductee, Total Points Earned: 282.5; Halter Points: 217; Perf Points: 65.5;Stallion Offspring Record, World Champion Offspring, Reserve World Champion Offspring, Top Ten World Show Offspring, Supreme Champion Offspring
Superior Halter Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, AQHA High Point Performance Offspring, AQHA Champion Offspring, All-time leading sire of AQHA Champions
Two Fox Ramada 1980
       1579688 sorrel      
Foxy Buck 1955
       0051973 sorrel      
Classy Cameo 1966
       0404419 bay      
Classy Bar 1956
       0083630 sorrel by Sugar Bars
     H- 1.0  P- 0.0
Sire of performance and halter point earners
Foxy Sugar Lisa 1989
       2835754 sorrel      
Little Dixie Beach 1943
       0004758 brown      
Mr Chant Bob 1971
       0784679 sorrel
95 8 3 3 0 $ 6,630    
H- 50.0  P- 13.0
Mobile's Wonder 1964
       0319588 brown
100 24 4 4 2 $ 1,276     
Chants Sugar Lisa 1981
       1795574 chestnut      
Dollbar Bob 1961
       0195424 chestnut
95 14 3 3 2 $ 282     
Mariah's Sugar 1969
       0602163 bay      
Sugar Band 1957
       0095814 bay by Sugar Bars
100 18 4 3 0 $ 4,466    H- 1.0  

Race money-earner, ROM Performance, '59 RC, Halter Point Earner, Halter Points: 1; SI: 100; Race: $4,466; Wins: 4; Stallion Offspring Record: Superior Performance Offspring, Race Money-earners, ROM Performance Offspring, Race ROM Offspring, Performance Point Earners, Halter Point Earners
Fatima Hawk 1956
       0079658 chestnut

  Pedigree research courtesy AQHA.com and DMTC.com.  We are not responsible for errors in research.

Color Pedigree

Blue Roan Blue Roan Blue Roan Blue Roan
Sorrel Gray
Sorrel Sorrel Chestnut
Blue Roan Blue Roan
Blue Roan Blue Roan Roan Roan
Palomino Gray
Sorrel Sorrel Chestnut
Chestnut Sorrel

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