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Codys Awesome Cash

2000 Grulla Quarter Horse
2 years old in photo.  More photos below.

"Cody" has a nice hip, tying in low and having good muscle definition.  Her back is short and broad, with a well-sprung rib cage for good lung expansion.  She has a nicely-sloping croup, which is a personal preference of mine.  Her chest and forearm from the front are well muscled and defined.  Bred for speed and cutting on the top side, and old foundation working on the bottom, we hope she will be an all-around producer.

Cody is one mare we have not broke to ride, as she suffered some wire cuts as a foal before we bought her.  We decided to not break her, so we sell her as a broodmare only.  Her face has just slight scarring.  She is sound, but has scars on her legs from the wire (pictured below). 

Cody is bred to Frees King Hollywood, who has on his papers:  King P234 (twice), Hollywood Gold, Queen H, Hollywood Bill, Queen Dawn, Continental King, and Firebrand Reed (full brother to Leo) for a 2004 foal.  The 2004 foal from this cross is a silver grullo filly, and the stallion owner said that so far, the stallion is throwing 100% grullo foals from grullo mares.  Hopefully, this next spring's foal will be another grullo!

Codys Awesome Cash
2000 Grulla AQHA

SIRE side of pedigree Buck Spot 1971
       0779870 palomino      
Hollywood Buck  buckskin H- 0.0  P- 7.0, by Hollywood Gold (NCHA Hall of Fame)    
Good Bros Grant 1984
       2200170 palomino      
Lotta Cash 1958
       0085219 sorrel
      by Spot Cash
Cross 5 4 Bell 1965
       0376731 bay      
Cee Bar Badger 71 1957
       0086820 gray
      Sire of NCHA earners, ROM's
Im Happy Jack 1995
       3394692 palomino      
Narrow Bridge 1959
       0109328 bay      
Hempen  1962
      T0057845 chestnut
      Sired winners of 10.8 MILLION dollars during the 60's, 70's...
Indian Hemp  1949
      T0109723 chestnut
      Sired winners of 5.1 MILLION dollars (in the 1950's and 60's!)
Somebodys Darlin 1976
       1462948 bay
88 24 1 4 2 $ 18,954     
Serry (TB) 1952
      T0120247 chestnut      
Miss Bar Killian 1967
       0526669 black
85 14 2 3 2 $ 4,027     
Dick Killian 1960
       0148843 brown
95 54 10 7 6 $ 26,435    H- 1.0  P- 0.0
Billy Bar 1953
       0055970 brown
85 33 4 4 3 $ 3,450     

DAM side of pedigree Wimpys King Wimp 1966
       0407640 chestnut
     H- 2.0  P- 19.0
ROM - Performance
Grand - 1
Reserve - 3
King Wimp 1958  sorrel
     H- 30.0  P- 12.5
AQHA Champion
ROM - Performance
by King, Hall of Fame
Dixies Snicker Bar 1986
       2437849 sorrel
Wimpy Hazel Hill 1957
       0087724 sorrel
     H- 26.0  P- 25.0
AQHA Champion
ROM - Performance
Reserve - 7
Tricky Dixie 1968
       0531858 palomino      
Dixie Juan 1955
       0053178 sorrel
by King, Hall of Fame      
Snickers Cody Girl 1990 dun
 100% Foundation (FQHR)
96% Foundation (NFQHA)
Dixie Jo Sparks 1960
       0138827 dun
Skip Paul Cody 1975
       1147016 bay      
Paul Hank Cody 1971 bay 
by Paul Bee, who was an NCHA $ Earner,  ROM - Performance
Grand - 2   
Alma Cody 1984
       2212352 dun      
Paula Alma 1966
       0435023 bay      
Mindy Ann 1975
       1097674 dun      
Leo Oil's James 1970
       0696315 dun
     H- 0.0  P- 5.0
NCHA $ Earner
Boots' Lady Ann 1967
       0536689 black      

Pedigree research courtesy of www.aqha.com, www.qhd.com and http://www.dmtc.com/pedigree/allbreed/ 



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