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We have noticed an increasing number of horse breeders that are taking our articles, putting the compositions on their own web sites, and acting as if they wrote the articles. This is not only unprofessional, but it is a violation of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. To protect the integrity of our own site, we now will take action against people who violate our rights by stealing our content.

Our web site is checked frequently and compared to other online sites using automated services to detect copying of our content.

Please be warned that if you copy content from our site, you will be reported.
Most of the educational articles on this web site was personally authored by me.
Some of the content on this site was donated by others, and we were given express permission to include it on our site (and therefore, you would not have permission from that other owner to use it).
Other content on our site is public domain or "common knowledge."

Because you don't know what content is exclusively ours, authored by others, or public domain, you should not copy our content to your own media.

Do not contact us and ask for permission to copy our content to your web site.
Because of a variety of circumstances, we have to say "no."

What Can Happen to You?

  • If you do copy our content, you will be reported.

  • Your web hosting provider has the right to take your site offline, so nobody can see it.

  • Your site may also be removed from and then banned by search engines.

  • Other consequences are obviously possible, as copyright infringement in a crime.

So What CAN You Do?

  • Research a topic you are interested in from a variety of web pages, journals, or other sources.

  • Then, COMPILE YOUR OWN SUMMARY, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, to put in your media/publication.

  • Take credit for your own work by writing your own content.

  • Place a link on your site to our pages if you would like people to know about the what our web pages discuss.


This page last updated 04/08/11
If you notice this date being 2 years or older, please let us know that we need to check out this page!

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