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This is an example only. 
A contract that is agreeable to the buyer and to us
will be arrived at mutually.

Variables such as insurance coverage, payment terms and amounts,
who pays for care during payment/loan period, etc.
simply can't be covered by a generic contract.


«Horse» for $«Price».00 («Pricespell») dollars US currency

This is a simple contract describing the sale of the «YearBirth» horse, «Horse» (sire: «Sire», dam: «Dam») by Toni Perdew to Buyer, herein after also referred to as «BuyerName». Each party will have responsibilities for this exchange such as follows:

Toni Perdew will

Feed and board «Horse» until up to «PUDate» unless other agreement is made, at no charge for board

Complete application to obtain insurance coverage for «Horse» once the first deposit/payment and insurance assistance payment is received from Buyer to protect both the Buyer and the Seller

Give possession of «Horse» to Buyer or his/her agent at least 14 days after full payment of $«Price».00 plus any requested expenditures and insurance premium from Buyer is made in full

Sign and mail AQHA breeding certificate papers, registration papers, or other necessary documentation, and transfer papers to Buyer after full payment of $«Price».00 is received and verified as valid/legal. Papers will be mailed in a timely manner once funds have been verified.

Buyer will

Pay a $«Deposit».00 non-refundable deposit by «DepDueDate» to hold «Horse», which will be applied toward the purchase price of $«Price».00

Make payments on «Horse» of $«Pmts».00 or more per month until full payment is made, to be completed at least 14 days prior to the pickup date of the horse unless the last payment is with cash.

Pay for mortality insurance coverage on «Horse» from the time of the first payment until «Horse» has left seller's location, naming seller as a lein holder (if horse is on a payment schedule). Insurance coverage is REQUIRED on any sale that includes a delay of more than a month from initial deposit, or if sold on a payment plan, as it protects both buyer and seller in the case of a horse’s death. www.eqgroup.com is an example of a company that insures horses.

Assume financial responsibility for «Horse» from the time of the first payment (to include vet bills, mortality insurance if applicable, transportation, and other costs, but not including reasonable feed costs through «PUDate»)

Arrange and pay for transportation from the Perdew home to the Buyer’s home by «PUDate» unless other mutual arrangements are made

If Buyer decides to back out of the purchase of «Horse», the Buyer will forfeit all monies paid toward the purchase of «Horse» unless other agreement has been made.

If Toni Perdew backs out of the sale of «Horse», she will return all monies paid to Buyer for the purchase and care of «Horse» by the Buyer, and insurance premiums made.

In the event of a problem with this transaction, the seller and buyer and their acquaintances MAY NOT post any type of negative feedback, libel, or accusatory statements publicly or on social media until a resolution has been reached.

__________________________________ Date __________________________

Buyer's Signature

«Buyer Name«, «Address1», «City», «State» «PostalCode» «Country» «HomePhone»

__________________________________ Date __________________________

Seller's Signature

Toni Perdew, 3005 Lexington Ct., Bedford, IA 50833 712-370-0851

This contract continues on the next page, labeled Sales 2.

Buyer's Release

I/We, «BuyerName», agree to the purchase of this horse, «Horse», as is. This horse has been presented to my satisfaction. I have not been drinking, using any drug that could impair my judgment either legal or illegal. There is no reason that I should not have a clear mind when I sign that I agree to the purchase «Horse».

Horses sold on payments: I understand that I/we, «BuyerName», am/are responsible for all financial care of the horse once full payment has been made or partial payment has started, regardless of where horse is being kept. Care will include all of the following, with absolutely no exceptions or deviations of previously set schedules: hoof care (if care is needed by someone other than the seller), vaccinations, vet care, and worming**(see footnotes below) until horse is paid in full. Any injuries or illnesses that occur before the horse is paid in full (if on payments) will be the responsibility of the Buyer. If the horse dies before paid in full, the Buyer will be responsible for paying the remaining balance on horse unless insurance coverage pays the seller. The Buyer also agrees that any other costs that may arise before horse is paid in full will be his/her responsibility. The sellers will no longer be financially responsible for horse once payments have started.

I understand that the horse is being sold as sound, with no known illnesses or injuries unless stated below, past or present.

I understand that every effort has been made to satisfy me with my purchase. However as with all things, sometimes occurrences are beyond our control. With this said, I understand that this sale is final and that I am satisfied that it was presented in an honest and fair way to me. By signing, I agree to the sale of my own free will, and assure that I was not under duress or force of any kind to make this purchase or sign this form. I hold the seller harmless to any actions pertaining to this purchase either real or imagined, "neglect" or "fault".

I accept full responsibility for my decision and the consequences that go along with my decision on the purchase of this horse. This includes the possibility of me or of others being injured or even killed in the Inherent Risks of Equine Activities.

By signing this form, I am stating that: I have read this two-page form, and understand what I have read, and agree to this purchase and contract.

__________________________________ Date __________________________

Buyer’s Signature

«Name»«Address1», «City», «State» «PostalCode» «Country» «HomePhone»


Buyer’s Printed Name

__________________________________ Date __________________________

Seller's Signature


Seller's Printed Name

3005 Lexington Ct., Bedford, IA 50833 USA 712-370-0851

**footnotes: The seller will provide adequate food that will maintain the horse’s weight and health as it was before the sale, until the exchange is made or until «PUDate».

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