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Baileys Badland Buck


In 2009, we were not going to breed Bailey, and were going to ride her for a year or two before considering breeding again. Then, I began thinking of selling my foundation/roping mares because we had too many horses in relation to the area on our farm that is available for pasture. I decided to breed her one more time so I could have a foal from her and Crowheart WYO Boy, who we were considering either selling or gelding to ride. Unfortunately, Bailey died June 3, 2010 during a difficult birth with the veterinarian, Todd and me all trying to help her. She and her 2010 colt, who looked just like her right down to the same face marking, are buried here on our farm.

She was the one my kids could sit on for rides around the yard when they were little, or stand by in the pasture and remain safe because all the other horses wouldn't crowd her...she didn't have to be aggressive to them. They just knew she was boss.

There are just no words to describe my sense of loss...I always said Bailey would die on our farm, as we would never sell her. I just didn't want it to be due to any reason other than old age. She had earned her old age retirement here.

Thanks so much to those of you that have Bailey's foals and to the many people that inquired as to whether we would sell her over the years. I know you all recognized her worth, as we did. Thank you in advance to those of you that will pray for our healing, for our sadness to leave quickly. I am so comforted to know that special horse people out there know how hard this is for us. It is the end of an era for me, as she was a cornerstone of our program. Without Bailey, we will now be offering most of our non-cutting/reining mares for sale, and will probably either geld or sell our stallion, Crowheart WYO Boy. We've struggled with this decision for quite some time, and will take this as our sign that God has other plans for our horse goals.

Year of Birth Suitability Color Riding Experience Breeding Status
1998 Roping, ranch, broodmare Dunalino
Palomino + dun factor
Homozygous for dun factor.
30+ days riding.
Several trail rides.

Miscellaneous Info:

  • Sire, a silver grulla, was a 100% foundation and 100% producer of dun-factored offspring

  • Dam, a grulla, also carried the creme gene and passed it along to Bailey

  • Bailey was a 100% color producer for us, having 7 grullos, a red dun, and a dunalino. Click here to see her offspring

  • Foundation bred...probably about 94% with NFQHA.

  • Green broke, but not a mean bone in her body and one I could pull out of the pasture after several years and trail ride on. 

  • During Bailey's years of raising foals, Bailey produced the most valuable foal of the year more times than not.

  • We are especially thankful that she gave us a filly in 2009 to keep, though there will never be a replacement for Bailey's personality and production power.

dunalino quarter horse

Buck Tommy
Dun  H-52, P-5
Pretty Boy Buck
Blutcher Buck
JS Peggy
Hobo Reed
Sorrel P-.5
Pretty Buck Zeb
Grullo. 100% dun/grullo producer, 100% foundation. Sire of AQHA, ABRA, and IBHA point earners. Zeb was roped off of locally, but not shown AQHA.  Full brother was 3rd at AQHA World Show in A. Team Penning, and earned NCHA COA.
Jack's Fancy
Pepper ByRemountStud
Buck Tommy
Dun H-52, P-5
Pretty Boy Buck
Miss Mary Blue
JS Peggy
Hobo Reed
Judy Patterson
Patterson's Judy
Skip Comet
Skip Badlands
Badlands Caro
Sorrel H-12
Aces Full
Bar Caro
Miss Iowa Sun Glo
Grullo plus creme gene carrier
94%FQHR, 85% NFQHA,
Stereo Bars
Stereo Sorrel
Sorrel H-1
Poco Dun
Dun H-2 P-3
Poco Eleven
Dun P-2
Poco Sun Glo
Buckskin Dun
Miss Casey
Rusty Peanut
Dun H-1
Rusty's Hobo
Bronze Buckles


6-02-01front.jpg (24212 bytes)
Bailey and her first foal, a grullo filly

Bailey's second foal, a grulla filly (2002)

Bailey's third foal, a grullo filly

Bailey's fourth foal (2004), a grullo colt

Bailey's fifth, a red dun colt

Bailey's 6th, a grullo colt

Bailey's 7th foal, a grullo colt

Bailey's 8th, a silver grullo filly


Horse Inbreeding Stats Crosses Lines Blood% Influence AGR
PRETTY BOY BUCK 3S x 3s 2 2 (1) (1) 25.00% 3x3 26.29%
HOBO REED 4s x 4s 2 2 (0) (2) 12.50% 4x4 12.60%
PRETTY BUCK 5S x 5S x 6d 3 2 (1) (1) 7.81% 5x5 9.29%
PETER MCCUE 9S x 8S x 8s x 9S x 9S x 9S x 8S x 8s x 9S x 9S x 9S x 9S x 9S x 9D x 9D x 9D x 9D x 9D x 9d x 8d 20 8 (6) (2) 4.88% 5x6 3.71%*
MARE BY BUCK THOMAS 6S x 6S x 7s x 7D 4 2 (1) (1) 4.69% 5x6 6.42%
YELLOW WOLF 8s x 7s x 8S x 8s x 8s x 7s x 8S x 8s x 9s x 9d 10 4 (1) (3) 4.30% 6x6 4.30%*
BLACKBURN3 6s x 6s x 7d 3 2 (0) (2) 3.91% 6x6 4.98%
PAULITA 8S x 6S x 8S x 6S 4 2 (2) (0) 3.91% 6x6 3.91%
RED DOG2 6D x 6d 2 2 (1) (1) 3.13% 6x6 3.74%
SANTA MARIA6 6D x 6D 2 2 (2) (0) 3.13% 6x6 3.47%
BUCK THOMAS2 7s x 7s x 8s x 9S x 8S x 8d 6 2 (1) (1) 2.93% < 6x6 4.25%*
HARMON BAKER 8S x 8S x 8D x 9d x 8D x 9D x 9D x 9D x 9D x 9D 10 5 (4) (1) 2.73% < 6x6 2.73%*
LITTLE JOE3 9S x 8s x 9S x 8s x 9S x 8d x 8D x 8D x 9d 9 6 (3) (3) 2.73% < 6x6 1.56%*
YELLOW JACKET5 7S x 9s x 7S x 9s x 9D x 9D x 8D 7 4 (3) (1) 2.73% < 6x6 2.73%*
QUARTER MARE 7s x 7s x 9d x 9d x 8D x 9D 6 4 (1) (3) 2.54% < 6x6 2.64%*
NICK SHOEMAKER 7D x 6D 2 2 (2) (0) 2.34% < 6x6 2.54%
OLD JOE3 9D x 7d x 9D x 9d x 9d x 8D x 8d 7 4 (1) (3) 2.34% < 6x6 2.54%*
LITTLE JOE SPRINGER 8d x 8d x 7d x 9D 4 3 (1) (2) 1.76% < 6x6 1.76%*
BOBBY LOWE 7s x 7s x 9d 3 2 (0) (2) 1.76% < 6x6 1.56%*
STOCKINGS2 8S x 8S x 9S x 9S x 9D x 8D 6 2 (2) (0) 1.76% < 6x6 1.86%*
NICK4 8D x 9d x 7D x 9d 4 3 (1) (2) 1.56% < 6x6 1.56%*
SILVERTONE 7S x 7d 2 2 (1) (1) 1.56% < 6x6 1.56%
GOLDEN CHIEF 7D x 8D x 9D 3 2 (2) (0) 1.37% < 6x6 2.34%*
HICKORY BILL2 8S x 8S x 9S x 8d 4 3 (2) (1) 1.37% < 6x6 2.29%*
RED BUCK2 8s x 7s 2 2 (0) (2) 1.17% < 6x6 3.00%
CHUBBY4 8D x 7d 2 2 (1) (1) 1.17% < 6x6 1.17%
ZANTANON2 8S x 7D 2 2 (2) (0) 1.17% < 6x6 1.66%
8 Generation Coefficient of Inbreeding: 0.431060791015625%

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