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Questionable or Altered Color

These stories have been shared with us for the purpose of trying to help others keep from being deceived and cheated out of their money.  You'll have to be the judge.  We are not pointing fingers at "exactly" who did the deceiving.  We just want you to know some of the things that sellers will to to get more money from their horses...even if it means misrepresenting the horses.

Horse #1:  Only Her Hair Dresser Knows For Sure....

Horse #1 was supposed to be a blue roan, but a couple days after arriving at her new home, the buyer saw black goggles showing around the eyes and white hairs coming out underneath a black top coat.  About 8 days after arriving at her new home, she began to turn gray around the eyes excessively fast. 

Contact with the original owner resulted in the knowledge that the horse SHOULD have been 30% gray around the eyes.  "Someone" that had the horse immediately prior to this purchase dyed the facial hair to hide the graying, as blue roans are worth more than grays.  It is very apparent that someone tried to hide the roaning/graying around the eyes, most likely to improve the horse's salability and value.

Enlarging these photos will show you the details:

Eye, 2/5/04.  Photo taken by seller.  NO gray hairs to be seen.  I have the original, which is even more detailed than this photo.  I had to resize it because it was so large. 

2/25/04, showing the black ring around the eye that hid the gray hairs

2/25/04  Gray hairs appearing, where a week ago, there were NO gray hairs.

It just doesn't look natural to me...2/25/04.  Looks like Miss Clairol hair color? Note the irregular circle of black around her eye, where the hair dye was apparently applied.

Horse #2:  Miss Clairol Struck Again

Note...these two horses (#1 and #2) were bought from the same person Coincidence? 
Hmmm...too bad the buyers didn't meet each other until after they had both apparently been deceived.

A nice-looking "blue roan."  Note the pitch-black head and solid black tail.  Looks like a blue roan...at least for now. To the right is the proof that she was dyed with hair dye.

The scary thing is, I see this seller advertising horses ALL the time on the 'net.

But, just give her a couple months.  See all the gray coming in on her face where the color has washed off or new hair has come in?

The original tail as the buyer bought the mare.  Black to the bottom!

This is her tail, showing the new gray growth that has occurred since the buyer bought the mare.  Gray horse's tails go white from the bottom up.  Not from the tailbone down, as this one did.  This indicates hair dye.

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